In order for to properly block spam email servers; we need a copy of the entire message headers, which contain the IP address of the mail server in which the spam originated from. Message headers can easily be copied by following the instructions below.

Paste the email headers here:

Outlook Express:

Use your right mouse button and click on the message that you wish to have blocked and select Properties in the sub-menu. Click on the Details Tab to display the message headers, copy the entire message headers and paste them into the above field.

Outlook (2000 & 2002):

Use your right mouse button and click on the message that you wish to have blocked and select Options in the sub-menu. The message headers will display at the bottom of this screen, copy the entire headers and paste them into the above field.


Double-click on the message you want to have blocked, in the new window there will be a button that appears called Blah Blah Blah. Click on the Blah Blah Blah button, copy the message headers that appear at the top of this screen and paste them into the above field.

Mac OS X Mail

Click on the message that you wish to have blocked, and choose Show > Raw Source from the View menu. Copy the message headers that appear above your email message and paste them into the above field.

More Information about Spam's spam filtering tools:

Setup your spam filter:'s historic efforts to fight spam:

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